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LED Applications


Streets & Roadways

Westpac LED Lighting Street & Roadway LED fixtures are an innovative and energy efficient lighting solution. Allowing energy saving of over 50%.

Parking Lots

Our superior light output and optimal light distribution is ideal for parking lot applications. Our LED fixtures is a simple solution to reduce energy cost and enhance pedestrian and driver visibility and safety.



Westpac LED luminaires are an efficient solution to increase airport security and lower energy cost and overhead.


Our LED lighting provides a sustainable and green solution. Capable of providing up to 60% savings in energy consumption.


Underground Parking

Due to underground parking structures 24 hour lighting requirements, Westpac’s WP4 provides unmatched savings and performance.


The WS-TL SERIES light distribution is ideal for tunnel applications. While also being virtually maintenance free.


Hospital & Healthcare

Because of the huge energy demands from healthcare and hospitals. Many facilities are switching to LED lighting to meet government initiatives.

Parking Structures

Due to parking structures constant lighting demand, Westpac’s LED fixtures provides unmatched savings and performance.


Billboard & Advertising

The WS7-AD SERIES is designed specifically for billboard and outdoor advertising applications.

Schools & Universities

Expansion or renovation, Westpac LED fixtures are an environmentally friendly and efficient option for your lighting needs.


Retail & Shopping Centers

Utilizing Westpac LED fixtures creates a safe and inviting shopping environment for your customers. While also reducing your overhead and energy cost.


Westpac LED unique fixture design is ideal for attracting customers while also lowering operating cost.


High Bay

Our instant “On” LED high bay fixtures are ideal for any high bay lighting applications. Reducing energy usage while producing virtually no heat.

Flood Lighting

Our efficient LED flood lighting fixtures will enhance the sense of security while providing an even light distribution.


Gas Stations

Our BW1 explosion proof LED canopy lights are ideal for gas stations or any applications where gas or flammable material are stored.


Our DSG explosion proof lighting solution are designed for mining application where space and safety are of utmost concern.


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