Westpac LED Promise

The key to success of Westpac LED Lighting Inc. has always comprised in the unwavering promise we make to every customer to deliver a new generation of LED lighting based on the latest R&D, an unending commitment to challenging the conventional lighting market and to create LED lighting solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Quality Assurance
Strict adherence to international quality standards and control measures drive down maintenance costs for an efficient business performance, and every product is tested by an independent testing center, ensuring all IES files are fair and impartial for impeccable product reliability. In addition, a global written warranty accompanies every Westpac LED Lighting product to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Extensive R&D resources
Westpac LED Lighting will continue investing in its R&D team to ensure the highest level of competency. This team comprises of specialists dedicated to solving the challenges inherent in the integration of power supply design, thermal management, optical solutions, digital control, mechanical designs and LED technology. These efforts have enabled us to become the first to offer a wide range of LED lighting fixtures for functional lighting implementation.

Focused strictly on LED Lighting
Westpac ( LED ) Lighting Inc. is 100% focused on developing LED-based lighting products, giving us the unique skills and professionalism needed to create industry leading LED lighting solutions.

Experienced Service Experts
Our knowledgeable LED experts provide comprehensive consulting services on custom-made lighting solutions that elevate brand images and surpass customer expectations.

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